How to build a relationship with a man in marriage?

Divorce statistics clearly demonstrate that most of us have no idea how to build a harmonious relationship with a man in marriage.

Initially, find out why men are afraid of marriage ? First, they believe that women after the wedding change in appearance. Secondly, women are beginning to reproach their husbands, restrict their freedom, impose new duties on them, responsibility, impose their way of life on them, their daily routine. Many men equate marriage proposal to a great feat. Although practice shows that after 4 years of marriage, more than half of women begin to feel unhappy. All because of - the restriction of personal freedom and the burden of household chores, which only gets harder with the advent of children.

Why are women afraid of marriage ? They are afraid of marriage in the event that they do not fully trust the man, they are afraid of treason, and that they will be left with two children in their arms. But women, even in such cases, agree to marry, as they console themselves with hopes that they will be able to change a man, and he can become a loving, caring father, a decent and devoted family man. But in practice, most often our fears are realized in life.

How to build a relationship with a man

? Wise woman - happy woman . Let's try to be a little wiser.

  • You need to get rid of your fears.
  • You still do not know that a person cannot be changed until he himself wants it. Do not try to re-educate him, better look for another man who would suit you. It will save both of you nerves and time. Your role is only to help him want to change. None of us likes criticism and comments, as they hit the sore point - our ego. Men have another sore point. They are beaten in the event of an attack, in order to defend themselves. Divorce statistics clearly demonstrate that most of us have no idea how to build a harmonious relationship with a man in marriage Criticism and increased intonation with the words: “I asked you yesterday to take out the garbage,” “why your socks are lying under the sofa,” and others. To put it mildly, they irritate and give a negative effect. And in response, you will get a decent response. What to do if a man in his time was not taught how to make a bed, carefully fold things in a closet. Many mothers, raising sons, did not involve them in household chores. Now this is taught only in the army. And in general, most men think that life is a waste of time. Why make the bed, if you go to bed again soon, why wash the dishes, it will be dirty again. Men always have excuses from homework: “Suddenly, tomorrow is war, and I'm tired” .
  • There are small tricks of presenting your desires to a man. The words "do this ...", replace with: "you were going to," "you wanted." Thus, you gently, in a gentle manner, shift the initiative in his hands, give him freedom of action in fulfilling his promise in rendering assistance. And the men promise to try to fulfill.
  • The forbidden fruit beckons. No wonder they say: as soon as the ban is lifted, the necessity disappears. All bans and I want to break. This is an axiom. The feeling of being forbidden simply blows up the brain and fills you with a sense of satisfaction from the most desired pleasure. Give freedom to a man, and then he will not use it. But this does not mean that we should be happy to let him go to the bathhouse, to the bachelor party, and then to ring with interrogation with whom he will and when he returns. Instead, put on a mini skirt, put on shoes with the highest heels and go to a bachelorette party, and then it is unknown who will call to whom.
  • Trusting each other is necessary, but trust must be earned. And only on your conscience lies the possibility of betrayal and treason. If you are married to promises to be faithful, then keep it. And if you are not sure about your feelings, do not promise anything. In my opinion, it is impossible to predict what will happen to your relationships and feelings in a month, a year or two. Therefore, promises are a silly idea. But marriage still carries the commandments that must be followed for the benefit of the development of your harmonious relationship. After all, for this purpose you entered into it. If you value relationships, value them, then you will not need to look for comfort on the side. If you do not value, then you should not deceive a person and give him empty hopes. Be sincere.
  • Boredom is one of the main reasons for breaking the marriage bond. If your everyday life is monotonous, boring, devoid of romance, joy, surprises, attention, then interest in each other will be lost. Diversify your life, do not be lazy. If the initiative does not come from your chosen one, take it into your own hands.
  • A self-confident woman who knows what she wants seems very sexy and attractive to men, but at the same time the man must think that he is conquering you.

Guest marriage implies officially registered relations, but the spouses in it live separately from each other, do not bind themselves together, arrange meetings when they begin to need each other.

This kind of relationship is suitable for those to whom personal freedom is dear, time is needed for work and creative work, who do not want to change their lifestyle, bind themselves with everyday duties and responsibilities, who do not want to have children, and have a common budget. This tendency is explained by the fact that modern people are so fixated on themselves that personal freedom, their own interests, the inability to compromise, to solve everyday problems are above the desire to live with your loved one. You decide what kind of marriage will maintain harmony in your relationship.

The fact is that not printing a passport in any way affects your relationship. You choose your partner. Know, normal men are not afraid of anything, but rather are afraid to live life with the person who only pretends that he understands, they are afraid to raise children, and then not to know what to do with this naughty child, they are afraid of loss. But there is nothing more exciting than trying to overcome your fears. Men, we are waiting for your initiative, and never show us your fears!