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Hello girls

Glad to continue my reviews and give advice on the proper conduct of shugaring. We have already figured out with you how to make sugar paste for sprinkling in home conditions, when you have only lemon, sugar and water or honey on hand. Here are the cherished recipes: Shugaring paste recipe in the microwave (cooking 5-10 minutes) and shugaring paste recipe on stove (preparation of 10-15 minutes).

How to do shugaring at home

Today I want to talk to you about how to properly do shugaring at home, when there is no modern modular at hand. I hope you have made your own pasta and now you are ready to move to a new stage and remove “nafig excess hair” from your body. Please note that this article is an introductory and does not call for doing exactly as I write below.

To begin with, I want to dispel the myths about home shugaring and the "cool" advice of professionals.

We destroy myths about homemade shugaring or bad advice ...

1. Use gloves to prevent sugar paste from sticking to hands. I want to dissolve this myth, since it is extremely inconvenient to work in gloves. In the salons works in gloves, because it requires the law. At home, no one obliges you to suffer and carry out a shugaring procedure in gloves. Sugar paste will stick between your fingers and just tear the gloves. Believe me, I made the whole pack so much. Sorry!

2. Powders reduce pain and promote better hair removal during shugaring. This is also a lie and a provocation. As soon as I did not try to apply these powders: and a thin layer, and medium, and thicker. Firstly, in two cases, they simply did not help, and in the third they prevented hair removal with sugar paste. If you want to make the procedure faster - do not pour anything.

3. Chlorhexidine. Picks up hairs? To smear before and after? What for? Hair so well worth it and do not grow even, if not smeared with excess chemistry. Do not spend money on useless chemistry for shugaring at home. Sugar paste so perfectly removes hairs from 3-4 mm long.

4. The use of special oils to paste not sticky to the hands. Maybe this is my single case or I do not know how to use them, but after applying the oils, the paste begins to stick or soften even more. In general, I am against such oils for shugaring.

How to do shugaring at home. Tips seasoned!

1. To make shugaring at home you need to prepare the areas that we want to clean. To do this, grow hairs 3-4 mm long. This length is enough for sugar paste to remove them.

2. We process the body the day before the procedure with a scrub. Choose any that you like. There are no special preferences.
3. Cooking sugar paste or buy in the store. I see no reason to spend money on expensive formulations, so I prepare it myself. Links to recipes pastes for shugaring is at the beginning of the article. I prefer the honey option, it is more sticky and removes hair better.

4. Take the cooked pasta and roll a small ball, the size of a walnut. No need to heat the pasta in the microwave, because it will melt. To warm up is enough human body temperature. Stretch the paste so that it warms up better. Paste will change the consistency from transparent to opaque.

5. Apply heated paste for shugaring against hair growth. This is necessary for better grip with hair and allows you to capture them as much as possible.

6. With a sharp movement we pull off the paste in the direction of hair growth. This reduces the pain effect. If you tear off the paste in the opposite direction - you are provided with the growth of hairs under the skin. Do not spoil your skin !!!

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the paste sticks and seizes the hairs.

8. After you remove all the hairs, you can go to the shower, where under warm water we wash off the remnants of sugar paste from the skin.

9. Check the cleaned areas and if some of the hairs remain - finish them with tweezers so that everything is beautiful.

After the procedure, try to avoid sunlight and excessive sweating, just do not recommend going to the baths and public pools. So you can bring dirt, which will further lead to redness or even suppuration of the skin.

On the second or third day after shugaring at home, the pimples and discolorations will disappear from the skin. The skin will take on a normal appearance, but without ugly hairs. Only then can you use scrubs and creams to soothe and moisturize the skin.

I also want to note that even after the expiration of 2-3 days, try not to get too sunburn, as the places that you cleaned sunbathed noticeably worse and on the first day you will notice sharp transitions. Despite the decline in redness after shugaring, your skin has not fully recovered. For this, it will take about 4-5 days.

Reviews shugaring at home

I definitely advise all girls who want to make shugaring on their own, at least try to make it at home. If you do not succeed, you can always find specialists who will help you.

Shugaring in Chelyabinsk fee

If you have already decided on the procedure of shugaring, but do not want to do it yourself, pay attention to our catalog masters and beauty salons Chelyabinsk, who are engaged in this procedure. On the site you can find reviews and ratings of Chelyabinsk salons and private masters.

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