Plasticine machine for children. How to make a plasticine or clay machine.

  1. Workspace organization
  2. How to make military equipment?
  3. Sculpting machines for fire service
  4. Sculpt, roll, fasten
  5. In case of fire, call 101
  6. Necessary materials:
  7. Necessary materials:
  8. How to make a car out of plasticine
  9. How to blind from plasticine truck
  10. How to blind from plasticine race car

When a child has already grown considerably, sometimes the question arises how to make a car out of clay, since a clay can be considered an excellent means for organizing the leisure of a child.

When referring to the information presented below, you will find answers to the following questions:

  • how to make a car;
  • at what age the kid can do handicrafts;
  • how to organize workplace little master

Of course, the acquaintance of the child with clay can take place at any age, but it is better to study directly from this material only after 2, or even 3 years.

It is at this age that the small master is already able to knead and roll clay independently, to form various forms of it (circle, square, etc.).

Workspace organization

In order for the molding process to be most comfortable not only for the baby, but also for the mother, it is recommended to pay attention to the following points when organizing the workplace:

  1. The creative process should take place at the table. This can be either an ordinary kitchen table or a special children's table. Thanks to manufacturers of products for children, choose a table that will appeal to the little master, is not difficult. In no case should the child be allowed to sculpt on a bed, sofa or on the floor.
  2. It would be nice to get a special board for modeling, as well as a knife (stack) for cutting clay. The board can be purchased at any office supply store, and a plastic knife for cutting, as a rule, comes bundled with clay.
  3. It would be useful if the baby can first get acquainted with the example of what he has to fashion. To do this, it is enough to have in front of your eyes a picture of what should happen to him (flower, snowman, car, caterpillar, etc.).

How to make military equipment?

In order to make a military truck with your own hands, you need clay only 2 colors - green and black.

Consider the process of modeling in stages: Consider the process of modeling in stages:

  1. 4 identical pieces are separated from the black plasticine using a plastic stack. Further, the wheels of the future truck are formed from the resulting blanks. By the way, with the help of a toothpick you can draw discs on wheels.
  2. Using green clay, sculpt the body. To do this, 5 rectangles are formed, 1 of which will serve as the base of the machine from clay, and the remaining 4 will be its sides. The size of the figures must be determined independently based on the size of the future truck and the wheels already prepared.
  3. Further, a figure in the shape of a square, which will serve as the cabin of the future car, is molded from green plasticine. In the same way as before (with the help of a toothpick), headlights, doors, windows and other elements are drawn near the cab.
  4. Finally, the moment of assembling a military truck has arrived: the sides of the body are fixed to the base of the body, the cabin is fixed to the front side, the resulting construction is placed on the wheels.

Crafts are ready! If desired, it can be supplemented with a trailer. The trailer is molded by analogy with the truck itself, excluding the stage of creating the cab.

You can experiment with the colors of the truck. For example, make the cab yellow and the body red. It all depends on the imagination and color preferences of the little author.

Sculpting machines for fire service

In order to make a fire truck of clay, you need the source material of 3 colors. Namely: black, red and white.

Initially molded wheels Initially molded wheels. To do this, from a piece of black plasticine is separated 6 identical pieces the size of a pea. Plasticine is warming up, and wheels are formed from it. With the help of a toothpick on wheels, wheels are simulated.

Next, take a bar of red clay, from which is the cabin and the body of the future fire truck. For the body will need 2/3 of the piece, and for the cabin - the remaining 1/3. A figure is formed from a smaller piece in the form of a square, and from a larger one - in the form of a rectangle. The headlights, windows and doors of the cabin can be drawn with the help of a toothpick, or you can mold it out of white plasticine.

The resulting blanks are interconnected, then the previously prepared wheels are stuck to them.

Now you can do the modeling of accessories inherent to this species special machinery. It's about the fire escape and the hose.

In order to make a staircase, it is necessary to form a flat rectangle out of white plasticine, on which the main elements - handrails and supporting steps will be fixed. These components of the fire escape are made of black clay. Once they are ready, to assemble the structure is not difficult.

How is the hose done? A thin flagellum is rolled out of a small piece of white plasticine, which should be rolled up in the shape of a snail house (in a circle).

At the end of the process, the ladder is fixed on the upper part of the body, and the rolled hose is on the side. Fire truck ready!

Often, the knowledge of adults about plasticine is limited to the skills of modeling mushrooms, flowers and houses. However, the child such types of art get bored very quickly. So that your little one doesn’t lose interest, we offer you several workshops on how to make a car out of clay. This trick should appeal to a young tomboy.

Sculpt, roll, fasten

Even 30 years ago, none of us could even think that the choice of clay could stump an ordinary customer. What kind of materials for modeling today did not come up with manufacturers to attract as many fans as possible! This is the usual well-known hard plasticine, and soft mass, similar to the dough called PLAY-DOH, and even ball material. Each of them is good in its own way and, undoubtedly, is useful in children's creativity.

The topic of today's conversation is not easy, because we are trying to figure out how to make a car out of plasticine. And here you cannot do without choosing the right materials:

  • If you want to create a real volumetric crafts, unfortunately, the ball clay will have to be abandoned. This material is more suitable for applications, decorating and sculpting small desktop toys.
  • The soft mass of PLAY-DOH, although the most popular today, is also not a good choice, if you plan to sculpt a lot of small details in your work. but finished crafts from such material will be extremely difficult to destroy. This plasticine tends to harden with long-term interaction with oxygen.
  • Hard plasticine, known to us since Soviet times, is probably the easiest and most reliable option. Though he rolls up quite tight, but sticks perfectly.

Of course, besides plasticine, you will need other details for modeling, but this will be discussed in more detail in our master classes. So let's get started.

In case of fire, call 101

Junior children preschool age lessons will be useful for how to make a fire engine out of clay. During such a joint pastime, you, as a parent, can tell the child, why you need the profession of a fireman, why it is dangerous to play with matches, and on what basis this type of vehicle works.

Necessary materials:

  • clay: red, yellow, black, white and blue;
  • figured knife;
  • board for sculpting.

Process description:

We design a passenger car with a child

This lesson will tell how to mold a regular passenger car out of clay in stages. Pay this craft Special attention , if your child is not old enough to do all the work by himself. The advantages of such a plasticine machine are that its main composition consists of large parts and very few small ones.

Necessary materials:

  • red, blue and black clay;
  • board for sculpting;
  • figured knife.

Process description:

Work with clay - creative. Amazing colorful bars easily turn into anything - you just want to! Let's find out how to make a car out of clay. The machine is a complicated technique, while the plasticine machine will be somewhat simpler. Remarkable instructions: plasticine sports car, plasticine truck and video with plasticine cars. Discuss the details of the work with the child, make several blanks and select color range in each of the instructions.

Sports car scheme number 1:

So, the scheme is quite simple.

So, the scheme is quite simple

1. First you need to roll out a thick sausage (cylinder) - this will be the body of our sport car.
2-3. Then roll out the two flatbreads, take the tools: a plasticine knife, or an ordinary measuring ruler, and also unscrew the caps from the handle. Put the cap on the first cake - so you cut the wheels. Using a ruler, cut a rectangle from the second cake - it will be a wing (spoiler)
4. Use the same manipulations to cut out the remaining parts: glasses, a white stripe on the hood and trunk. Roll the head racer.
5. we put everything together

Plasticine truck scheme number 2:

Beautiful machine, scheme number 3:

Make it so that the child wants not only to make an effort, but also to mold the correct standard model. Remember that working with clay helps the development of thinking in children and is recognized as a serious pedagogical method. Use it more often and the child will become a developed harmonious personality!

From clay, you can blind almost anything. And yet: what is the first thing you want to blind each boy?
Of course, the car! However, it is very possible that this girl will be interesting.

Here are a few simple schemes to learn this, and transfer the skills to your child - there will be no limit to his delight!

Let's learn how to make a plasticine car.

  • Clay different colors.
  • A knife for cutting clay (as an alternative, a disposable knife).
  • Toothpicks for drawing additional details or contouring.
  • Molds for the manufacture of parts, such as wheels. In principle, very many objects can serve as such a form: caps, corks, thimbles, rings, in a word - something can be found.

How to make a car out of plasticine

How to make a car out of plasticine

Prepare clay in three different colors. The body of the car may be of a color that you like best - but the wheels, of course, should be black.

The third color is needed for the glasses: suitable white, gray, blue or any other light shade.

Take a small rectangular piece of clay. With your fingers, crush the corners and make indentations from two sides: from the one where the hood should be located, and from behind, so that the machine can get the desired shape.

Using a toothpick, mark the semicircular contours for the four wheels. Use a knife to make small indentations in these places.

Roll out the black clay. Using molds, or manually, using a toothpick, make wheels. Insert them into the grooves in the case.

Cut out four rectangles from rolled light plasticine - for windows. Note that the side windows must be longer than the front and rear. Glue the glass in the right places.

Add the necessary details. You can make side mirrors from small pieces of plasticine.

Toothpick outline the trunk, add small bright ovals, headlights, stick on a light mug in the center of each tire.

Make wipers from thin stripes of clay or additional elements: the same toothpicks, matches, wire, etc.

The car is ready!

How to blind from plasticine truck

How to blind from plasticine truck

You need plasticine of four colors: the colors of your choice for the manufacture of the body and the cab, black for tires, light for windows, headlights and the central part of the wheels.

Blind body. This can be done nearby different ways , but the most convenient will be the following: take a brick of plasticine of the size you want to see the future body. Divide the bar into two halves horizontally. Cut out the middle of the upper part so that only the walls of the body remain, and reinforce them in the first half.

Already familiar to us - using molds - make six wheels. On black tires still stick on the core-core.

Then put the wheels on both sides of the match, a toothpick, a wand from the lollipop, or something else oblong.

The main thing is that the wand was slightly larger than the width of the body (but not significantly!). Take two sticks with wheels and put a body on them. If you did everything right, you should get a cart on four wheels.

Make a cabin from two rectangular bars of clay. It should turn out the shape of an inverted G. Pay attention to the proportions! The width of the cab must match the body, and the height must be slightly higher.

Place the cab on the third wand with wheels. Glue to the body.

Add all the necessary details: glass, headlights. Hide the tips of the sticks, which are wearing wheels, with the help of small pieces of clay. Fill the car with cargo and enjoy the result with your child!

How to blind from plasticine race car

How to blind from plasticine race car

Make a race car thanks to its convenient streamlined shape even easier! Plasticine will need only three colors: the main color of the car, white for parts and black for tires.

Roll the oval sausage out of the base color. The basis for the car is ready!

Using the form make four wheels. Do not forget that the front wheels should be slightly smaller than the rear!

Attach the wheels to the body, putting them on a small piece of clay.

Cut a long strip of white clay and stretch it along the length of the machine.

From the same black plasticine you can make a racer's head. Make a hole in the middle of the car to put it there.

It remains only to add a rear wing. Glue a flat rectangle on previously prepared plasticine balls. Well, that's all - almost like real!

The tips here are the base and foundation, but you can leave the details at your discretion. For example, there is nothing wrong with using large quantity colors, making the car more colorful. You can try yourself as a designer and decorate the doors and trunk with flowers or beautiful colorful designs.

You can make antennas or any other parts of your car from various additional materials (buttons, fishing line, wire, matches, dry pasta, and much more). Do not forget to correct the shape of the machine when sculpting, smooth corners, correct inaccuracies - because thanks to the elasticity of the material it is not at all difficult!

Sculpting from plasticine is not only very interesting, but also extremely useful. Molding develops a child's imagination, ingenuity and fine motor skills, and therefore is not only possible, but also highly desirable activity for preschoolers.

Sculpt and play with pleasure!

Have in the arsenal of toys miniature car, made with your own hands, will not refuse any boy. The easiest way to create any model of clay. Girls will also like this activity, because they will also want to try to create a machine for their little pupsy.

This lesson provides detailed visual instructions on how to make a small car out of clay. As the main color, you can use absolutely any option that is pleasant to the child or is available. The actions given in this master class involve working with small details, which is very useful for developing children's children's fingers and the ability to coordinate actions.

1. Most likely, when modeling a car, you will not be able to do without white, black and yellow clay. A very small amount of these colors will be needed to create windows, wheels and headlights. The main body can be red or any other, but this material is consumed the most.

2. Roll an egg-like part from plasticine of a selected color.

Roll an egg-like part from plasticine of a selected color

3. Press the sharper part of the craft with your index finger a little, forming the groove, the outlines of the windshield and the hood of the car should appear.

Press the sharper part of the craft with your index finger a little, forming the groove, the outlines of the windshield and the hood of the car should appear

4. Stick a small white cake instead of a windshield, mark the edge of the bonnet with the edge of a toothpick, stick two round headlights.

Stick a small white cake instead of a windshield, mark the edge of the bonnet with the edge of a toothpick, stick two round headlights

5. Roll four small black balls.

Roll four small black balls

6. Flatten each of the prepared black parts with your finger, in the center place a yellow pea, make around the entire circumference of the notches using a plastic spatula for modeling. These will be the wheels of the future car.

These will be the wheels of the future car

7. At the bottom of the machine on both sides squeeze out two notches with the wide side of a ball-point pen, they are necessary to accommodate the wheels.

At the bottom of the machine on both sides squeeze out two notches with the wide side of a ball-point pen, they are necessary to accommodate the wheels

8. Insert the wheels into the prepared cells.

Insert the wheels into the prepared cells

9. Slap white pancakes on the back and sides of the car. Attach also mirrors on both sides.

Attach also mirrors on both sides

10. The finished machine can be placed in the fridge for 1 hour so that the craft will be strengthened.

The finished machine can be placed in the fridge for 1 hour so that the craft will be strengthened

The final form of crafts.

Our wonderful and funny car is ready for a trip! Now you know how to make a car out of clay with your own hands. Next time you can get acquainted with a master class on sculpting a person. Subscribe to our updates, develop your little ones and improve your skills on modeling with us, there are still many interesting works ahead!

Do not forget to tell about this craft to your friends, because she can greatly help them.

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