The better to tint the hair. Hair tinting

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  8. Hair tinting - what is it?
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Ladies who like to change their image and experiment with hair color often resort to toning. This procedure is a type of dyeing that uses light, gentle means that can change the hue or revive the natural color.

Toning and dyeing are similar in their effect, but differ significantly in the degree of influence on the structure of the hair cuticle.

How does it work

Oxidizer, which is part of the usual hair dye, opens cuticle scales, affecting the natural pigment. Light tinting dyes are fixed on the surface, not touching the structure of the hair stem, but only tightly enveloping it.

When toning, the effect of irritants is minimized: ammonia is absent, and if hydrogen peroxide is used, its amount is small. Toning preparations contain herbal extracts, keratin, vitamin complexes, UV filters and other hair care ingredients.

Tint means smooths the cover layer, smoothing the scales. What is the visible result? Deep, expressive color and natural silk shine.

The shading tonic or mousse is washed out with shampoo gradually, so there is no clear transition between the colored areas and the regrown roots.


Deciding on toning, determine how lasting effect you want to achieve. The type of procedure depends on it.

There are three varieties:

  • intense;
  • gentle;
  • easy

In the first variant, the longest effect is achieved, up to two months. Toning of the second type lasts up to four weeks, and the third - up to two.


The beauty industry offers a wide range of hair tinting products: shampoos and balsams, foams and mousses, tonics and sprays. Making a choice, pay attention to the shade table and manufacturer's recommendations, to what hair this or that product is suitable for. It is better to dwell on options close to the natural.

Color toning options are limited. Soft dyes can not significantly lighten the hair, can not cope with gray hair, if it is pronounced.

The use of tinting means allows blondes and blond to enrich the natural hair color, getting rid of unwanted yellowness. A new shade, cold ashen or warm golden, will refresh the face, giving the hairstyle a visual volume. Experimenting with this range, you can lighten your hair a little bit, just a couple of tones.

On the dark curls of the brightening effect is not achieved. But you can get a darker, juicy and expressive color: chocolate and chestnut, burgundy and coffee.


If the hair is brittle and lifeless, a course of treatment is indicated before toning: although tint substances work more carefully than usual, they are not completely harmless.

In order not to encounter an unexpected unpleasant result, henna is no longer used several months before the procedure.

Technique of use

According to the method of application, toning is similar to staining and requires the use of protective agents: gloves are required, a hairdresser's drape

If used tinted shampoo they wash their heads twice. Applying the product to the hair a second time, it is recommended to hold it longer, up to 5 minutes, but not to overdo it in order to avoid surprises.

Bought a new shampoo? The first time use it with caution, check how the hair will react to it.
Allowed simultaneous use of two or three color options. tint means to highlight individual strands or create juicy combinations.


For tinted hair care as well as for dyed - use specialized shampoos, balms and masks. When choosing the last option, you should focus on cosmetics without oil, which aggressively affects the dye.

Passion for change

Toning - great way Refresh and diversify the shade, without resorting to radical methods. Supporters of the procedure appreciated her ability to change the image when you wish, without harm to the health of the hair.

At the disposal of stylists and colorists many modern techniques of hair coloring.

One of the popular procedures is toning.

It is carried out in salons or at home using classic cream paints, tinted shampoos, tonics and other drugs.

With the exact observance of technology, the procedure is safe for the hair; in the process, the strands acquire not only a rich color, but also a beautiful natural shine.

In contact with

Hair tinting - what is it?

Toning is called semi-permanent hair dyeing using ammonia-free dyes Toning is called semi-permanent hair dyeing using ammonia-free dyes.

The procedure is safe for the hair, the intensity of the color depends on the chosen dye, condition and natural color of the strands.

Toning can be done in the salon, but some girls successfully dye their hair at home.

The procedure differs from staining in that semi-resistant drugs do not penetrate the hair shafts. They cover the surface with a thin film, smoothing keratin scales and giving natural shine to the strands.

REFERENCE: Tinting may give hair more bright color , increase its intensity or contribute to the darkening of the curls.

To make the strands lighter, you need a bleaching procedure. It removes coloring pigments from the rod, depending on the concentration of the drug, the hair may become lighter in several tones or lose its original color altogether.

Option clarification - highlighting. With it, individual strands become discolored, the procedure visually makes the hair more voluminous. After lightening, individual curls or the entire head of hair can be tinted using creamy crams, mousses, tonic or shampoos.

Advantages and disadvantages

Toning has many advantages over traditional coloring.

  • The procedure can be done frequently by changing the color at will;
  • ammonia-free paints are less likely to cause skin irritation and allergic reactions;
  • the procedure can be carried out at home, small errors are not evident;
  • subject to technology, the hair is not damaged.

Despite numerous advantages, there are drawbacks to toning.

  1. Light surface dyes are not able to completely hide gray hair.
  2. Frequent use of tonics can change the pigmentation of hair.
  3. Some drugs cause dry scalp.
  4. Toning drugs emphasize the poor state of the curls. If the strands split and break off, you need to carry out a therapeutic course and only then proceed to the coloring.
  5. Tinting should not be performed on hair dyed with Basma or henna. After this procedure must take at least 3 months.

After this procedure must take at least 3 months

Rules for choosing colors for toning

Tinting paints can make the natural color more vivid, give it interesting notes. On dark hair dyes are almost imperceptible, but they give depth to a natural shade. Brunettes fit red, wine, mahogany or purple hues. There are also various shades of black, darkening chestnut or dark blond strands.

ATTENTION: blonde blonde and brown-haired opportunities for color change are much wider. When choosing paint, color type should be considered.

For girls with pinkish, snow-white or olive skin, cold tones of various saturations are suitable: light brown, ashy, chocolate, silver, platinum. Owners of warm golden, peach or tanned skin should try the honey, caramel, reddish scale.

To make the color more vivid, pre-lightening or highlighting is possible. The procedure is carried out in the cabin or at home. Depending on the general idea of ​​hairstyle, strands can be lightened at the ends or make a full highlighting. It is not necessary to whiten them, you can limit the clarification to several tones. Toning is carried out a few days after bleaching.

What means to choose?

All preparations used to change the color can be divided into several categories.

  1. Classic creamy colors. Before drawing mix up with an oxidizer according to the instruction. Provide a brighter shade, can be applied to natural, melirovanny or bleached hair. Durability depends on the paint, usually the color lasts 2-3 weeks.
  2. Toning shampoos. Very easy to use, they are used for light dyeing and support the selected shade of hair. The result lasts no more than 1 week, shampoos can be used instead of the usual detergent.
  3. Tonics and mousses. Suitable for natural and colored hair. The result lasts up to 2 weeks, the preparations may slightly dry the hair.
  4. Lucky mascara, pencils. They belong to the category of decorative cosmetics for hair, allow you to change the color of several strands or the entire head of hair in just a few minutes. Do not penetrate deep into the core, creating a color film on the surface. Wash off with any shampoo.

On sale you can find a variety of drugs to change hair color. Good preparations presented in different color categories. When choosing it is necessary to focus on the state of hair and manufacturer's recommendations.

When choosing it is necessary to focus on the state of hair and manufacturer's recommendations

Home coloring: instruction

At home, you can try several options for toning. Most often use the classic method. The selected paint is mixed with oxidizing agents. The proportions depend on the hair color and manufacturer's recommendations.

You can try a more benign option by mixing paint with an oxidizing agent, shampoo and balm. A little water is added to the mixture, everything is whipped until complete homogeneity.

  1. Before the procedure, the hair is not washed for 2-3 days. The strands are carefully combed and divided into pieces, stabbing each with a barber clip.
  2. Gradually, the curls are released. Under each enclosed a strip of foil, paint is applied to the strand and the foil is folded in half.
  3. To get a lighter shade, the foil can not be used. In this case, the diluted paint is distributed on the hair with a flat synthetic brush with free strokes.
  4. The drug is aged on the hair no more than 10 minutes. If the strands are very thin and weak, the exposure time is halved.
  5. The paint is washed off with warm water without shampoo, nourishing balm is applied to the strands.

ATTENTION: If it is necessary to tint only the roots or tips, the preparation is applied to selected areas.

When dyeing streaked strands, you can stab the bulk of the hair, freeing only bleached curls . Paint is applied to the foil for 7-10 minutes.

To give the streaked hair a beautiful silver-white reflection, the paint will be blue or purple. It is diluted with a balm and an oxidizing agent, applied to selected strands for 5-7 minutes, and then thoroughly washed.

It is diluted with a balm and an oxidizing agent, applied to selected strands for 5-7 minutes, and then thoroughly washed

These same tips are suitable for tinting hair after highlighting.

IMPORTANT: With proper care, the color intensity is maintained for 2-3 weeks. After that, the paint is gradually washed off and turns pale. The toning procedure can be repeated without waiting for the final color flushing.

Recently, hair tinting has become quite a popular procedure among women. And this is not surprising, since after this procedure, the hair looks not only beautiful, but also healthy and shiny. In addition, hair toning allows women to experiment with different shades before settling on a more appropriate hair color. Toning also gently restores the native hair color in the case of gray hair (no more than 40%). gray hair ). What is hair tinting and what is its essence?

What is hair tinting?
Toning is the coloring of hair with various tint, light in its composition. At its core, toning is not much different from hair coloring. But there is one significant difference, it practically does not injure the structure of the hair and does not affect their health. This procedure will help change the color or saturate the natural shade of hair. Toning helps women to easily change their appearance, follow fashion trends and their mood.

Means for toning envelop the hair, align their structure, providing a beautiful rich color and natural shine. The dyes are gradually (4-8 weeks) washed away with each washing of the head, therefore there is practically no sharp border between colored and unpainted locks. Hair toning is a more gentle procedure in comparison with dyeing or lightening, since ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are absent in the composition of dyes. As a rule, various vitamins and useful hair additives that care for them, making them healthy and shiny, are included in toning products. To tint hair, you can use one or combine several shades at the same time. To obtain natural hair color, you can use up to three different shades close to natural color hair. You can also add a few light strands, for which they are first clarified and then tinted. You can do toning on wide strands, and you can create subtle modulations of shades.

Types of hair tinting.
Hair toning can be intense, gentle and light. Dyes with intensive toning contain a small amount of oxidizing agents, and the toning itself lasts about two months. With the help of such tools you can lighten your hair with several tones or dye it in any dark color.

The dyes used in gentle toning last from two to four weeks, so in this case toning can be done much more often. The composition of means for gentle toning includes supplements and vitamins that care for hair.

Light toning of the hair is done with the help of special tint products produced by many cosmetic lines. These include various shampoos, foams, mousses, sprays, the effect of which is washed off during one washing of the hair.

Technology tinting hair.
Technique tinting hair is very similar to staining. The prepared coloring agent (the dye is mixed with an oxidizing agent according to the manufacturer's instructions) is applied to clean, damp hair. Ready-made toning products that do not require mixing with an oxidizing agent are also available. Means for toning hair, as a rule, squeeze on the palm, and then applied over the entire length of the hair, evenly distributing the comb with wide teeth (not only metal). Wet hair allows you to achieve a uniform distribution of the dye in all hair, because water prevents the process of making hair dye pigments. After applying the tinting dye is immediately fixed on the hair. The zones that were first treated with tinting will be darker as a result. After the time specified in the instructions, the product is washed off with warm water until the water is clear.

During the procedure of tinting hair should be aware that in no case can not be tinted damaged hair that is, with open scales. To do this, you should first apply a nourishing and restoring balm on the hair, or make a mask with the same properties. A balm or mask promotes keratin filling of hair voids, thereby preventing the penetration of coloring pigments into the hair structure and retain them on the surface. After the hair toning procedure, it is recommended to use hair care products (shampoos, balms, masks, etc.).

Toning hair with shampoos shading occurs in two stages. The second time the shampoo should be left on the hair for 3-5 minutes and then rinsed with water. Remember, the longer you keep the shampoo on your hair, the brighter your hair color will be.

The palette of tint colors for toning is quite diverse. Before choosing a shade it is necessary to carefully read the table of correspondence between the original hair color and the nuances of the tint. The tone is similar in color to natural, much better fall on the hair. Remember that it is impossible to lighten using tint. dark hair . The use of light shades when toning allows you to achieve the effect of burnt hair, which looks very impressive on long hair.

If you decide to make toning, you should know that a few months before it is necessary to abandon the use of henna to insure yourself from getting an unforeseen shade of hair. Before toning, it is best to undergo a course of treatment and strengthen weak and dull hair, since it is no secret that completely harmless hair products do not exist.

Hair toning is also often used after lightening as the second stage of hair blonding, since the toning dye is much softer and also gives a wonderful shade.

What is the visible result?
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What means to choose?
What is hair tinting and what is its essence?
What is hair tinting?